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Develop your movement...

Resolve pain,
build health,
restore capacity,
Physical Therapy 

Why Movement Solutions?

Man leaning forward with a weight on his chest to build strength.

What are the Qualities of Movement Health?

Man with two tennis rackets standing between lines to build balance.

Hear what patients are saying...


Prevent Injury & Decline

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MSPT specializes in holistic, hands-on, movement and fitness forward Physical Therapy.  We provide undivided attention to address  obstacles that limit your lifestyle and joy.  We address all types of muscle and joint pain syndromes, fall prevention, injuries, or surgical rehab.  Our goal is to help you live the life you love.

Contact Information


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  • Please Park on Forest Lawn Drive 

  • Alternatively, there is usually parking on the Lower Level of the Tennis and Fitness Club in slots for 104 on the right-hand side. 

  • I, or the receptionist, will help clarify any times when this parking may be unavailable. 


  • From Barham Blvd., it is the last building on the left. It is a Spanish-style building with tennis courts on both sides.

  • From Forest Lawn Dr., it is after you pass the light and Warner Brothers entrance on the right. 

  • There is a large sign for the restaurant Santuari at the parking lot entrance.


  • As you walk toward the building to the lower level you will see glass double doors under the tennis court at the bottom of the driveway into the lower level parking

  • Go in these doors and we are down the hall in Suite 103. The third door down on the right.