Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) is a revolutionary movement and rehabilitation approach. It was developed by a renowned physical therapist and former gymnast, Pavel Kolar in the Czech Republic. Pavel extensively researched and compared the movement system of healthy babies and young adults with those less fortunate.  He discovered the critical role the developmental milestones of infants play in our movement and postural system. When babies sit, turn over, crawl, squat, and later stand, critical muscle and joint synergies are established for normal and efficient movement patterns. This scientific approach is known as postural neurology or Developmental Kinesiology. 

Pavel observed that the key factor in their success was the correct function of their breathing, core stabilization, posture, and joint alignment. Adults who suffered from common chronic shoulder, hip, or back pain exhibited large departures from these more ideal muscle activation patterns. Since this movement ‘software’ is part of our genetic program, we can relearn more optimal breathing, core spinal stabilization strategies to restore normal movement, relieve chronic pain, recover from injuries, and achieve better performance at any age.