Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi Chuan is a unique system of health and self-defense rooted in the philosophy of Taoism. 

Tai Chi exercise practice develops harmony between body and mind as well as between self and the Tao, or natural order of the Universe.

Tai Chi cultivates the body’s 'Chi' energy system or “life force.” Tai Chi training emphasizes the attention to the principles of relaxation, correct alignment, and optimal breathing. In this way body, mind and spirit are integrated and enhanced. The Chi system is the foundation of a person's health in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Class practice sessions will emphasize proper breathing and correct body alignment as a foundation for sitting, standing, and moving meditation practice.

Tai Chi Schedule

January - March 2020 

January - 25

February - 1, 8, 22 

**please note there is no class held on the 15th or 29th of February

March - 14, 21, 28

**please note there is no class held on the 7th of March


Tai Chi classes will be held on SATURDAYS at 1-2:30pm at

Toluca Lake Tennis and Fitness Club

6711 Forest Lawn Drive 

Suite 108

Los Angeles, CA 90068

*This location is very near Forest Lawn Cemetery. Please be sure to park at the Toluca Lake Tennis and Fitness Club in the LOWER Level or on Forest Lawn Drive. 

Investment is $35 per single class

or $160 for 5 class card

Please purchase through VenMo (@michael-ballentine), cash or check



Classes will draw from the pillars of the Chu Tai Chi system that I have practiced for 15 years. Participants learn to improve their postural foundation based on universal Tai Chi and human developmental principles of bodily awareness, relaxation, correct breathing and body segment alignment.  

The four pillars of Grandmaster C.K. Chu's Yang style Tai Chi Chuan system are Tai Chi Form, Sitting meditation, Chi Kung, and Nei Kung.

Ninety minute classes will weave breathing and awareness meditation, stance development, and Tai Chi Form instruction. 
Tai Chi Form teaches the art of continuously moving with balance, postural efficiency, deep diaphragm breathing and relaxation. One goal of correct practice is to unite strength, flexibility, balance, mindfulness, intention and full body coordination in purpose and function. 

Please email to let me know you will be joining us so I can add you to my list. Class investment is $35 per 90-minute class. VenMo (@michael-ballentine), cash or check are all accepted the day of. If you would like to purchase a class card and save you can choose a five class for $160. 

For those of you who have not been the clinic gym space before, it is a bit hidden. The main building is a Spanish style building with tennis courts on either side of it.  If you are coming from Barham Blvd., it is the last building on the left. Pull into the furthest driveway and go down and to the right into the lower parking lot marked “tenant parking only." There is a large sign for the restaurant Santuari at the parking lot entrance. On Saturdays you can park anywhere in this lower lot.  As you walk toward the building you will see glass double doors under the tennis court.  Go in these doors and we are down the hall in Suite 108 on the left.

Loose, comfortable clothing with socks. Shoes are optional - you may also practice in bare feet. Sneakers, if worn, should be flat-soled -- running sneakers are not ideal. 


    @ The Toluca Lake Tennis & Fitness Club

    6711 Forest Lawn Dr. Ste 104

    Burbank, CA 90068

    Tel: 323-851-7876  Fax: 323-851-7870



    Monday - Friday

    8 am - 5pm