I specialize in musculoskeletal pain, orthopedic, and sports injuries. The Movement Solutions assessment and treatment model is heavily influenced by: 

The Prague School of Rehabilitation & Manual Medicine

The Institute of Physical Art

Osteopathic Technique

Movement Links

Evolving Science

Exercise training, movement re-education, manual therapy, injury prevention, and performance enhancement methods include:


Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)

Awareness Training  

Functional Manual Therapy 

Myofascial Release

Breathing Retraining



We begin with a detailed history of the difficulties you are facing.  Thorough examination is designed to reveal the 'weak links,' primary physical, and lifestyle contributors to the problems I will be helping you with.   The treatment plan integrates therapeutic approaches tailored to your goals. We will implement multiple strategies to get you where you want to be.  This includes: hands-on body awareness, stabilization and movement system, retraining in addition to education, activity  modification, and manual therapy technique. 



Movement patterning sessions are a specialized form of personal training. Training sessions focus on postural endurance, spinal segmentation, joint sequencing for transfer of kinetic potential, upper and lower body coordinations. These foundations transfer to any skill, athletic pursuit, or human movement strategy.



Myofascial work combines positioning, slow prolonged skin and muscle stretching, and a variety of tissue and joint directed pressures to facilitate change in the body's connective tissue system.   This work, and all manual therapy generally, engages the skin, muscular, nervous, capsular and other tissues as they weave continuously through the body. 'Myofascial Release' effectively restores motion, reduces tightness, tension, and pain, while improving blood flow, and circulation. This style of manual therapy helps facilitate relaxation, and diaphragmatic breathing.  MFR is combined with other tissue and joint techniques including soft tissue/joint mobilization, and oscillatory technique to more deeply impact the entire system.



I offer private and group instruction in C.K. Chu Style Tai Chi Form, and Nei Kung.

Tai Chi Chuan is a unique system of health and self-defense rooted in the philosophy of Taoism. Tai Chi exercise practice develops harmony between body and mind as well as between self and the Tao, or natural order of the Universe. Tai Chi cultivates the body’s 'Chi' energy system or “life force.” Tai Chi training emphasizes the attention to the principles of relaxation, correct alignment, and optimal breathing. In this way body, mind and spirit are integrated and enhanced. The Chi system is the foundation of a person's health in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Class practice sessions will emphasize proper diaphragmatic breathing, and correct body alignment as a foundation for sitting, standing, and moving meditation practice.


Breathing bridges the automatic and voluntary aspects of our physiology. We all have the ability to take control of our breathing pattern and directly influence our physical and mental performance.

Breathing patterns are directly impacted by the balance or lack thereof in every aspect of our lives. Prolonged exposure to excessive stressors including, work, family, lifestyle, pain, and anxiety can lead to poor sleep, chronic fatigue, and feeling burned out. At the root of this problem is a change in our breathing patterns.  Our breathing becomes harder, faster, and more driven by the chest, neck, and shoulder muscles rather than the diaphragm. As breathing muscles are also the primary trunk stabilizers  this pattern negatively influences our movement quality. These changes can feed into a vicious cycle that drive insufficient recovery, poor sleep, pain, and fatigue. Efficient breathing nourishes the body and all of its systems so it can function optimally. Breathing retraining addresses dysfunctional breathing patterns and habits and seeks to restore effortless, efficient, and 360 degree diaphragmatic breathing coordination for optimal health and exercise performance.